Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are fun, but they are also dangerous. More than 80 percent of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. On average, approximately 2,000 motorcyclists are killed and more than 50,000 are injured in traffic crashes each year. Motorcyclists are about 16 times more likely than those in passenger cars to die in a motor vehicle crash, and they’re about 3 times more likely to be injured. Head injury is the leading cause of death and serious injury in motorcycle crashes. Wearing a helmet lowers a motorcycle rider’s risk of fatal injury by 29 percent and reduces the risk of traumatic brain injury by 67 percent. Because of the dangers associated with motorcycles, riders should always put safety first.

Safety is crucial when riding a motorcycle because these bikes lack crashworthiness and rider protection. Unlike a car, a motorcycle is lightweight, has no door, roof, airbags or safety belts. A motorcycle is less stable than a car because it only has two wheels. In addition, when a motorcycle crashes, the event is extremely violent, because the motorcycle provides no protection. During a motorcycle crash, ejection is common. When the rider is ejected, he or she will forcibly strike the ground and any objects, such as trees or poles, along the way.

Several factors can contribute to a motorcycle crash. Two of the most common are operator inexperience and the operator’s failure to appreciate the limitations of the motorcycle. Experience and knowing the limitations of the bike are crucial because motorcyclists need to drive defensively. Approximately one-third of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes result from a motorist turning into the path of the motorcycle.

Unfortunately, even if you practice motorcycle safety, you may be involved in an accident because of the negligence of another driver. If that’s the case, you’ll need a lawyer who knows motorcycle law and who is willing to fight for your rights.

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